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Mobile Software

Field Tracer - Data collection app

Field Tracer is an app designed to simplify your mobile GPS/GIS mapping such as soil sampling and elevation data collection.

  • Record points, lines, polygons.
  • Organize data by client-farm-field structure.
  • Sync data with Dropbox. Have access to your data anywhere!
  • View in 3D!
  • Define colors for lines and polygons.

Grade Master - GPS grade rod app

Grade Master is an app designed to use RTK GPS for grade rod operations.

  • Our new GPS grade rod application is located here
  • Predicted release late spring 2014.
  • Sync data with Dropbox.

Rock Picker - Rock flagging app

Rock Picker is an app designed to allow farmers to mark rock locations in the field on the go.

  • Accurately flag rocks in the field without stopping.
  • Customize the app to match your implement dimensions.
  • Group rocks together per field.
  • Sync rock locations instantly with other devices via Dropbox.

Field Scout - Crop & weed scouting app

Field Scout is an app designed to allow consultants to record field pests.

  • Accurately record weeds, diseases, insects, fertility issues, seed problems and more!
  • Generate .pdf scouting reports.
  • Create & email recommendations to producers.

Ag Tile Estimator - Tile drainage slide rule app

Ag Tile Estimator is an app designed to allow users to calculate pipe sizes & acres drained.

  • Pipe diameter.
  • Area drained
  • Pipe amount
  • Cost estimator.